UPD Difference

Our company mission is to use our knowledge and experience from working in the protection dog industry to become the company that stands out from the rest by its personalized, tailored approach. We strive to be a company that does not settle for mediocrity and that provides well-socialized dogs that will serve your protection needs reliably upon command, while being a balanced part of the family.

To accomplish our mission, we put our dogs and our clients first. You are not just buying a dog from a typical dog training company; you are buying a dog from a company that cares about the connection between the customer and the dog. A company that cares about the well being of the dogs, just as much as we care about giving you, the owner, a customized experience of owning a protection dog.

We promise to give you service unlike any other company, with world class customer service and lifelong dedication to our canines. We are here to answer and assist in every part of owning a dog from choosing the right veterinarian, to what to feed your dog.

There are no kennels at United Protection Dogs; our dogs live in the homes with our trainers, alongside their children and other dogs. We have found this method helps make the transition of the dog into its new home much smoother than if the dog lives in a kennel and is trained only a few times a day. Although our approach is more work for our trainers and the dogs, the end result of a satisfied customer and happy, active, obedient dog makes it worth the extra effort.

We aim to provide the best experience for you and your dog, starting from the first conversation we have, throughout the life of your canine companion. We look forward to hearing from you.


From all of us here at United Protection Dogs:
Thank you for considering us as trainers for your personal protection dog.